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God ofBalance
TitlesMother Time, Ophella, Denwaeck of the Path of Guidance, Truthmaker
AlignmentTrue Neutral
SymbolA pendulum upon a silver chain.
ColorsRed and Gold
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersAll Races
Cleric AlignmentsN, Any Lawful
DomainsLaw, Knowledge, Time, Balance, Order, Direction, Guidance
Favorite WeaponInk and Quill upon the Scroll of Time

Krosban Description

Destiny stirs plenty of feelings in a person. It is your fate, your path on the journey of life. How we make our choices along the way can set that path in stone. Ambries is the balance that controls our fate. Her scales are judgment and balance from spectrum to spectrum as the world, and most importantly people, change. I have heard it said that she is fair in all things, the most impartial of judges and the strictest of foes. You cannot foil her methods; only accept the paths you travel.


Ambries is the balance of all things. Bearing the Scales of Balance and neutrality, she was the first god to step forth from the void. She is impartial in the way she handles events and peoples. Ambries can see both past and future, using each as a guide to make her decisions. In the event that the scales tip too far in one direction, the goddess tends to calmly wait for it to right itself. She appeals most to the patient and those who believe that times will change. When the goddess must take action to right the balance, it is done with much deliberation and is always well calculated. To push to far will cause the balance to swing recklessly, but to press too little may change nothing.


For the follower of Ambries, prayer and meditation is often the answer for finding what they seek. Asking the god to point them in the direction that best benefits the balance. For the outsider, a follower of Ambries is slow to take action, and their impartial judgments can be aggravating, for most often both parties in a situation will benefit. That impartiality is what sets the follower aside from the rest, and marks them as a bastion of truth and all that is fair.

Many of her followers typically hold seats of power as town mayors, judges, and even lawmen seeking to ensure that everyone receives a fair trial in life. They are often accused of being too harsh in punishments though. To them, stealing is still theft, even if it was meant to feed yourself or another who needed it. They lay down a judgment equal to the offense. Paladins of the goddess can be found filling the role of a judge within towns. While they are trained in combat, it is often questionable whose side the paladin will take until all of the evidence has been seen. Paladins who act without both sides of knowledge do not loose the favor of their goddess. When they find information that would implicate that the side they are fighting against is actually in the right, they will change sides.


Ambries appears to those who seek her as a raven haired human female in her prime. Pictures depict her wearing simple red robes, golden rings stitched into the edges, with her hair hanging down over her shoulders. Those who have met the goddess claim that such artwork is very much wrong. They claim that she wears clothing that they have never seen before (much like our modern clothing rather than a medieval period. Jeans and t-shirt). Her hair is usually put up in a bun, held together by an ink quill. In one hand she bears the Scales of Balance, which is sometimes set on a pedestal before her. In the other hand, or tucked into a scroll case at her belt is The Scroll of Time upon which is said to be all of the worlds history, both past and future.

While she may not stand out in a crowd, the god’s presence is always commanding. Those who view her can feel the shifting and swaying of the worlds balance, and can see their own destinies splayed out before them. Those who choose to follow each branching path may find the best end if they took the time, but most, under the fearsome judgment of her golden eyes choose to heed the god’s advice rather than the ever-chaotic future.

Burial Rites

Followers of Ambries have no set rites for which to follow.


Ambries was the first of the gods to step forward out of the veil. She believes that the High God allowed her to come into being and is waiting to give Him thanks. In her exploration of her powers, she tried to mimic the light of the Stars and it formed Estridae and Telraedye.