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Humans are the most diverse and versatile race in Saratta. Their nature is chaotic, filled with mixed and rapidly evolving emotions. Human history is marred with bloodshed and strife, capitalized by opportunists, warlords and tyrants, glory seekers and scholars. Humans are responsible for the many magnificent creations in the world, and are equally destructive.

Humans can be found living among every civilized race worldwide. They have a knack for fitting in and surviving, and they hail from every walk of life. Most try different paths throughout their lives and never think twice. Humans are a curious lot, ready to seek out new and amazing things regardless of the consequences. They will ruthlessly pursue their own ends or lay down great contributions to societies.

The bulk of human civilization exists on the continent of Naltrim, specifically Arambashia and Naltronia.

Human Subtypes

Human, Agjn'mal - The people of the Isles.

Human, Aramish - The people of Western Arambashia. Hard working folk who bear a grudge against their Naltronian neighbors.

Human, Bolshev - Mountain dwellers of Northern Naltronia.

Human, Caliphim - The people of Arambashia's Eastern Kingdoms. They are a battle hardened folk, kept in line by a caste based society.

Human, Estaris - The mageblooded.

Human, Ghel - Barbarians of the plains of Ephyrne.

Human, H'Thune - The people of The Thune, Arambashia's unforgiving tundra.

Human, Iscandish - The people of Iscandr, formerly a Naltronian penal colony.

Human, Jospei - The Travelers. Rarely do they put down roots as locals see them as a menace.

Human, Naltronian - The people of Naltronia, proud and strong. Skilled in combat and loyal to the gods.


Human personalities range to all extremes. Curious, shy, ingenious, bold, outgoing, loving, cruel, warm and cold. They encompass such a wide spectrum that many races find them to be a chaotic conundrum of mixed emotions, ready to sway in their thoughts and opinions at the turn of a hat. Humans are driven by challenge and strife; they are an ever changing race that grows in leaps and bounds. Many races accuse them of being heedless of consequence and ignorant to long-term goals. Indeed humans are well known for creating great works and for toppling them, with little regard to historical evidence or trends.

Human culture and tradition varies and mixes. They are quick to assimilate ideas and just as likely to cast them aside. Many races give pause when allowing humans to populate their villages as human ideals tend to spread quickly. They are a very superstitious people who are ever striding to make their mark in the world. Humans are the shortest lived race in Saratta.

Physical Description

Humans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. On average a human stands between 5 and 6 feet with a varied weight between 120 and 250 pounds. Men tend to be more muscular and well built than women but there are exceptions to the rule. Skin color ranges from black and brown to pale white. Human eye color runs between blue and green or brown and black. Their hair color likewise ranges between black and white; brown is the most typical and red is quite uncommon (not to mention a source for the superstitious to apply labels).

Humans have a noticeable penchant for making themselves look good, and they don't stop at that. They like to be the best looking individuals in a room, and barring that they tend to make themselves look the most lavish. They often adorn themselves in jewelery and fine materials to make a statement to others. There are very few who have little care in such vanity, but despite any denials that they may have to the contrary they partake as well, applying their own flair. Human love to be unique in any setting.

Humans typically live between 60 and 80 years of age due to hardships. There are some who have lived well into the 100s but they are few.


Human relations between one another are wildly erratic. They can love each other for years and just as quickly become bitter rivals. In general however, humans are the easiest individuals to get along with in the world thanks to their diverse interests and personality traits. Any race can find something they can identify with when in the presence of humans. As such, humans make for excellent intermediary parties regardless of race and cultures. Some humans even make a point of this, and offer their assistance readily in securing peace between rivals. Ironically they are more successful in negotiating between races than they are with their own blood.


The realms of man cover most of the continent of Naltrim. The larges of the human nations are Naltronia and Arambashia. At one point these lands were once part of a greater nation known to man as the Glorious Kingdom. Human historians hold that man originated alongside the elves on the continent of Thistol Narod but the nature of human history is so convoluted that it is little more than conjecture.

Most humans agree that home is where you make it, but they tend to identify themselves with the traditional lands of their family, tribe, or village and kingdom. Naltronia appears to be the most patriotic of the nations as many of the people of the country identify themselves as Naltronian before mentioning their home villages.


Humans tend to identify with all of the gods and as such many temples to each of the deities (dark gods included) can be found in their cities. Smaller settlements tend to dedicate themselves to specific gods. Estridae is the most common, followed by Demuen, Ambries, and Sploron. One simply needs to ask the right questions to find places of tribute to the other gods in the varied human settlements.

The most common believes are held by the Church of Glory (dedicated to Estridae) and state that men were born at the dawn of time to the goddess Estridae the Life Giver. She placed her children in the world to learn and grow in their own way, granting them freedom of choice. The other gods began sharing their blessings with the humans too, resulting in curses from the dark gods who felt that man must face hardships on the road of life (mortality, fear, sadness, and disease) and blessings from the gods of good (love, ingenuity, intelligence, and desire). The gods of nature were neutral forces that could be a threat or blessing and their gifts were made to be conquered by man.

The other human religions vary in name and god and tend to follow traditional elven beliefs and rites. The Church of Glory believes that this is the folly of men in their desire to become more like the elves but an organization in Arambashia has another claim. The Geneological Society of Corinth Hold in Arambash state that they have uprooted age old tablets that suggest men were transformed into their current state by magic and that long ago they were once elves. A skyrock fell from the heavens into the hands of the elves. Those who looked upon the stone gained the capacity for greatness at the expense of long life. In this transformation the world of men became one that could grow and change, leading one on a path toward immortality. Such views are regarded as blasphemy by the Church but those who believe it turn to other elven cultures for proof as the elven tales also make the claim that a powerful object fell from the sky and transformed the world.


Common. Other languages have a root in the common tongue including Aramish (spoken by the people of Arambashia) and Narim (spoken by the people of Naltronia). The languages do not vary greatly, but have enough cultural and pronunciation differences to qualify them as separate languages.

People who live on the borders of Naltronia and Arambashia, as well as some in the lands the the north (Mishar) speak a blend of both Aramish and Narim that has gained the name Phylth (the name was derived from the word it literally sounds like – filth – as language scholars often refer to it as such, a language spoke only by the uncultured and yokels).

Notable Humans

RPG Racial Traits

+2 to One Ability Score: Human characters gain a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

- Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

- Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.

- Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st levels.

- Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).