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Elves are one of the many races of Saratta. They tend to have a much lighter build than a human and distinct pointed ears. They live all across the world, but live mostly on Thistol Narod. There are three elven "nations" each with their own distinct cultures.

Elven Subtypes

Elf, Esser - The outcasts. The Esser are said to be cursed with the ability to see the approach of death and are said to be able to project themselves into one's dreams.

Elf, Issalonian - Issalonian elves hail from the land of Issalon. The live in harmony with the wilds and require that each member of their society leave and learn of the world around them. They are explorers, curious and well accepted worldwide.

Elf, Tashminéan - The elves of Tashmine are followers of Pasquirn, but worship her in the form of purity and cling onto this dying belief. They have little respect for half-elves and expel them from their society.

Elf, Tyran - Elves from Tyr are followers of Demüen and hold much faith in their god. They tend to look down on other races and consider themselves superior in all aspects. They prize their appearance as is shown with their cities and lands. The forests of Tyr are magically shaped to give them the appearance of perfection. They are openly a slaving nation and considered one of the most brutal. Their culture is heavily based around rising in class status. Becoming powerful nobility is the ultimate goal for many families.

Physical Characteristics

Elves are physically similar to Humans. They are on average slightly shorter and lighter. Their facial features are commonly much sharper than a human's and have pointed ears. Their eye color is most commonly green and their complexion is usually light, although this varies slightly by nation.

Cultural Characteristics

The three Elven nations have distinct cultures, but share some traits. As a whole the Elven race values pure blooded Elves much higher over half elves. All of their cultures are also tied closely to nature in some way. The interpretation of this differs from each nation.

Notable Elves

Keeper Calemis V'anyrul of the Conclave

Anze, Keeper of Roses