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God ofthe Wilds
TitlesSleeping god, Mad god, Val’Ragion, Iphsofeir, Oak King, Caligan the Trickster
SymbolA red agate wrapped with a leaf.
ColorsRed, Green, Blue
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersElves, Lizardfolk, Druid, Ranger
Cleric AlignmentsAny
DomainsNature, Elements, Chaos, Seasons, Boundaries
Favorite WeaponThunderous Elements (Halberd), Great Staff of the Oak King

Krosban Description

In researching the lost gods, we came to Issalon and encountered the wild elves. They claim to be the chosen of the god Kantoram. I had heard whispers about the god prior to my arrival in Issalon, but none that revealed the real nature or history of the god. The elves of Issalon profess that he is the true god of nature. All of the elements are his to command.

We had only begun to blow the dust off of the full story though and with the elves direction, we ventured into the untamed, living lands of Wyrnn in search of an ancient temple. We sought a stone temple, which we suspected would be basic. What we found was much more shocking. A pyramid structure jutted out from the ground dozens of feet. Vines covered the edges, shifting like serpents along the ridge. Fey and pixies swarmed the temple, glowing like lantern lights.

Within the temple walls lays a sleeping god. His story is etched upon the walls until he is remembered and summoned to aid the world once again. He is the natural chaos of the deep forest, one of the shapers of our world.


When the wilderness is left to grow unchecked, plant life does not grow in straight lines. Its order is chaotic, a mix and match of whatever can grow in the sunlight available. It has always been the way of the wilds, until people tried to tame it. Their success has been limited, for somewhere out there is a primal force, a reminder that nature cannot be tamed. It cannot be molded by force or commanded by magic. It topples towers, raises mountains, and when you least expect it, fights back.

Kantoram is the lord of Nature, though his presence has not been seen in Myssora for ages. Within Saratta though, it is a different story. The lands of Wyrnn, Kaltreed, and Issalon form the Mad / Sleeping gods Cradle and teem with proof of the god’s vigil. The lands themselves are alive, actively shifting and reshaping themselves. The plant life is just as capable in combat as a mighty grizzly or even the great Wyrm. They can uproot themselves and walk, or slowly sift through the ground. Many think that such things are only mythic tales, but they could not be more wrong.


The followers of Kantoram are the wild elves of Issalon and the lizard tribes of Wyrnn and Kaltreed. Those who truly dedicate themselves to him are druids but their methods are a little too extreme and erratic for the ranks of the Conclave. They dedicate their lives to ensuring that nature has a means to fend for itself against the continued intrusion of the “civilized” races. They awaken plants and enable the land to grow rampantly.

The Conclave maintains that druids are to be guardians of the world, but awakening the world in Kantoram’s methods only incites more trouble. If the lands attack, then people will try to defend themselves from it, forcing the cycle of destruction to continue. Kantoram’s druids tend to ignore the Conclave, and continue their mission. For it, the god blesses them to be able to pass through the living lands without harm.


Kantoram rarely appears to mortals, but when he does it is in the form of a towering giant with tan browned skin and sandy blonde hair. Like an ancient Norseman, the god keeps his hair tied back and beard long. His eyes burn an emerald forest green and burgeon with life. His laughter rumbles like thunder and his rage a trembling earthquake. Fortunately for mortals, Kantoram is often in a good mood, ready to listen and help. Since his falling out with the Pantheon however, he has been depress and very rarely seen, much less spoken to.

Burial Rites

Kantoram advocates that the bodies of the fallen be wrapped in living vines. The plants will do the work after that, converting the dead into energy to fuel their living networks.


Kantoram is the first son of Ambries and Oontarm. With the goddess Estridae, he fathered three children; Moratem, Ivandris, and Zamikye. To each he gave an elemental focus, wind, earth, and water respectively. Demüen and Balphurus hold guardianship over fire.

Kantoram was cast from the Pantheon at the end of the Myssoran War for allowing Balphurus to be freed from the abyss. Demüen stood up for the god, and bought him time while enough to escape Myssora and physically enter Saratta. The god passed between the realms, and descended into the world landing in Wyrnn. His body lays across Kaltreed and his head rests in Issalon.