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Ephryn are a troll-like race within the world of Saratta. They are tall and lanky, often without bulky muscles lending to great tendon strength. Ephryn skin color varies in shades of grey to deep curiously dark purple (which many other races presume is the result of eating Baulsha Root, transforming skin pigmentation). The bulk of the Ephryn live on Thistol Narod.

Ephryn Subtypes

Ephryn, Native

Ephryn, Wayward

Physical Characteristics

Ephryn are large humanoids, standing 6 to 8 feet tall and are typically quite skinny with well toned (not bulky) muscles. Their oval shaped heads, large jawline, and hooked nose give them a troll-like appearance, for which many races are quick to use as an insult. Ephryn hair is platinum and/or black and worn in dreadlocks due to small hooks that grow natural in it.

Cultural Characteristics

Ephryn categorize themselves into one of two types. The Native and the Wayward. Both have distinctly different cultures and values. Half Ephryn are very rare due to the multiple complications possible during the birth process. Female ephryn can not bear half children, but a male can.

Notable Ephryn