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God ofFire
TitlesInspirer, Burning Renewer, Odistfuur (Old Elven), Fire King, Kindler, Oliped the Burning
AlignmentChaotic Good
SymbolA flame shaped pendant, fire
ColorsRed, Orange, Yellow
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersFighters, Paladins, Bards
Cleric AlignmentsCG, N
DomainsFire, Strength, Justice, Law, Love, Desire, Sun, Faith
Favorite WeaponCinderash Longsword

Krosban Description

Demüen is the inspirer, the breath of courage that every warrior needs, the fires of hope that burn in all of our hearts. He is the purger and renewer. Towering and mighty, it is said that this god does not choose to take a male or female form, appearing to his followers as something that they want and need to see when the time for inspiration has come. His flame burns in our very being, pushing us ever forward.


Burning fires rage, wiping lands clear; the ashes also have a life giving property. What was destroyed will regrow in time, and when it does it is often for the better. At the same time, the flames that ravage on the outside can be harnessed for inspiration and love within. Demüen harnesses these powers, using them for the good of all and for the greater good. His power stirs people to action and flows forth compassion.


The follow of Demüen is not your typical praying type. Paladins and Clerics of the god of fire act as the swift hand of justice. They act as judge, jury, and executioner. All followers of the god will first test the accused under a zone of truth spell. Initial resistance to the magic is treated with suspicion, though the subject may be asked to submit to the power of flame. Further resistance is treated with hostility, as though the accused is hiding something. The paladin or cleric then makes a judgment based on the extent of the crimes. Actual execution is rare, but must be carried out to purge injustice from the world.

There are more than just the zealous warriors of the god of Fire. Bards and artists are amongst his followers too, spreading the word through tales, written works, murals, and carvings. These individuals can often be found traveling the world seeking inspiration, and spreading what they have learned at the temples along the way. Others remain at the temples to teach others in various art forms, from painting to reading and writing.

Looking deeper into the world of those who follow the flame are the monks who dedicate themselves to following the tenants of the fire. These individuals train all their lives in dedication to their god. Training the body to enhance their way of life. The way of the monk is one of simple things, living life outside of wealth, and serving each other as they server Demüen. They do not take vows of celibacy, but are encouraged to only take up one partner through their lives to share in the joy of love.


Demüen appears to his followers, as well as others whenever they have need for hope, inspiration, or burning desire. Some have made claim that the god is neither male nor female, as he appears as both, wreathed in flame. The best description that details that the god takes the form you want him to appear as. To many though, he appears as a male, giant sized around nine to twelve feet. Muscular with fine edges to his body that make him stand out as if he were the only three dimensional object on a two dimensional plane. He is always wrapped in fire, though sometimes the flames appear as clothing. Another description that is given of the god is that he appears as a tiny flame flickering within a campfire or even torchlight. The unassuming figure always exudes godly power, causing those who gaze upon it to falter and fall to their knees in reverence.

Burial Rites

From ash you were made, to ash you do return. Bodies of the dead are burned to free the soul from the body, allowing it to pass on instead of being caught up by the material. It is also believed that the ritual is used by the wary as a way of preventing the dead from rising back up as many undead are handled by purging through the flames.


Demüen is the son of Telraedye, brother to the opposing flame Balphurus. He was born out of Telraedye's inspiration for gathering the material required to form Saratta.