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The Captain's Log follows the adventures and missteps of a band of heroes living in the Isles. It is a story about growing and living, filled with pirates, monsters, and treasure. Our tale begins in Springtide of 1009 LD, on their island home Foriedy. It is now Sunreign 1010 LD.

System: Pathfinder

Level Progression: Medium Pace

Places of Interest

Foriedy - The city Island. This is home to the crew of the Debtless. Some grew up on the Island while others moved their over time. It is an important trade hub within the Isles and where many spend their downtime.

Kieg-Lac - A Dwarven ruin located in Northern Na-Ahn He. The crew has travelled to the location several times to assist the Joikun Expedition at the request of Jon Parish.

Taun Peru - Gavin nearly died when a mummy wandered out of an ancient ruin the crew found on the highlands of this island. They have made mention of going back, but the experience left Gavin shaken, and definitely not ready for another encounter.

Darigad - Located on the island of Halim'Ra, Darigad is a vacation destination for the wealthy of Naltronia and Arambashia. It is also the headquarters of The Scarlet Order of Aeluna. The crew has made friends of the order but their frequent visits have revealed more of the darker inner workings of the city than they cared to know. It has left a bitter taste in their mouths, at least for the time being.

The Mysterious Whirlpool - This strange whirlpool is located in the South Western parts of the Halim'Ra region, near Piruen Reach. The whirlpool seems to phase objects out of existence at its epicenter. The crew successfully evaded the pools, but it remains charted of Captain Endili's maps as extremely dangerous. The crew declined to give it a name.

Piruen Reach - The crew found a source of Elemental Water on the island at the confluence of 3 rivers. The water has unique restorative properties, at the cost of time (aging).

Condor Rock - A Naltronian outpost on the island of Vheis Mord. Condor Rock is used for gathering Blood of the Earth, a special metal that flows out of the lava vents on the island. The crew adopted their cabin girl Jenny from an orphanage here.


Player Characters

Gavin Endili - Captain of the Debtless; Gavin is a Traveler who sails the seas solely for the adventure of life.

Gregory Dawn aka The Iron Snapjaw - A martial artist of great physique. Gregory seeks to grow an entertainment franchise designed to please the crowds and play on the stories that he develops over his many adventures.

Raul Fernandez - Helmsman; Raul has proven himself an able bodied Ephyrn and talented sailor. Raul has a thirst for revenge after learning his Grandfather was possessed by a demon. He bears a holy relic of the god Surdem.

Alenka - Ship's Doctor; Alenka is the first person everyone sees upon returning to the ship. Her alchemical experimentation and physiological understanding makes her a valued member of the crew, though her methods have recently come to question after she transformed her dog Ichor into an intelligent beast.

Lea de Soleil - First Mate; Lea is an ambitious young woman shrouded in mystery. Most of the crew is aware that she is something of a shape changer, a trust that she is finally coming to accept as genuine. Wily and provocative, she is a friend to all and has a proven talent for acquiring hard to find goods.

Evangeline De La Valliere - Able Hand; A quiet member of the crew, Evangeline is a talented swordsman and bears a mysterious kinship with bladed weapons.

Kiera Thicketshire - Lookout; Mischievous and adventurous, Keira is a Tyran Elf who has been seeking to learn where she belongs in the world. Naturally talented in wind manipulation she has proven to be a valuable asset to the crew.

Munthalk - A dwarven warrior who was recovered by the crew after an encounter with the Undead forces of Nezra. Munthalk is very loyal and protective of the Captain.

Retired / Departed

Tydel - A martial artist, skilled in the way of the bow. Tydel is obedient and loyal, though a bit awkward when communicating with those who hold authority. Tydel left the crew after the Gillstan Massacre due to differences in priorities. Tydel felt he was needed to help the elves of Foriedy, and has remained on the Island since.

Iely-Rose Morley - Cabin boy aboard the Debtless and street urchin of Foriedy. Iely was witness to a number of encounters that ended badly, leading her to believe that she was a Praff, prompting her to run from the ship before her curse would visit further misfortune on everyone. She and Malcom have been travelling together since trying to find purpose.

Malcom Henley - Navigator of the Debtless; he is well versed in cartography. Malcom is naturally gifted with many talents and has a thirst for knowledge, both old and new. Malcom left the crew when Iely made a run for it. He left in the hopes that he would be able to help keep her from going astray. They have been travelling together since.

Faction Dispositions

The actions of the crew has an influence over how friendly other factions across the Isles view them. Most recently, the crew took part in ridding the island of the Banefire Ark. This left Foriedy open for an attack, currently presumed to have been an act of retaliation by the Red Queen.


Ahn Zies - Neutral

Asteres - Neutral, Favorable

Great House Corvosa - Friendly

Great House Telraed - Friendly

Great House Xemnon - Friendly

Diemeda - Honored

Fimton - Suspicious

Folswell - Ambivalent

Malcom - Suspicious

Morgan - Suspicious

Sol - Suspicious


The Scarlet Order of Aeluna - Friendly

The crew has gained positive standing with the order through their work with Red Sister Carmen Neem. Continued interacting with Sister Neem has maintained this attitude.

Yusko-Shore Guard - Ambivalent

The Isles

The Midnight Council - Neutral

A pirate organization made up of many pirate groups, many of whom once served under the Pirate King. The groups interaction with the Midnight Council has been limited only to seeing them. Many people on Foriedy view the Council with great contempt. The crew had a minor encounter with them, but have not had further developments with the organization.

Splittooth Tongue - Friendly

Bitterthroat Cutlass - Neutral

Opposing Individuals

The Alchemist

A mysterious figure at the center of a drug ring on Foriedy. The Alchemist is believed to be responsible for several local drugs currently wreaking havoc on the Island; Ratman and Fresh Air. The group has spent time trying to investigate who The Alchemist actually is in an effort to aid authorities. At present, they strongly believe it to be Kelsey DeMaria, a former student of Varner Kern.

Francisco Fernandez

Grandfather of Raul. Francisco is the bodyguard of Kelsey DeMaria. Raul did some investigation into Francisco and learned that there is a demon of considerable power in possession of his body. It is unknown if Francisco is still alive, though the demon claimed to Raul that he could speak with him if he chose. The demon was able to teleport Raul from the sewers back to the surface of the Island while it was "protected" by the Banefire Ark.

Francisco continues acting as the muscle behind The Alchemist.

Mr. Butterfly

a.k.a. Haverford Krin, a very talented Chimeramancer who studied under Varner Kern some 10 years before Alenka. Krin was given his name for the butterfly stitches that he uses when piecing monsters together. At this time it is unknown what kind of threat he represents to the Island.

Notable Non-Playable Characters

Aeluna Scarlett 'Saite' - Aeluna is the head of the Scarlet Order, a wildly successful trade organization that in the last 10 years turned the tables of power within the Isles. Aeluna tries her best to make her followers happy, even if her methods are somewhat questionable ('Forced' being the sentiments who don't care for the Order). Aeluna is fiercely protective of those in her employ, often to the extent of keeping a psychic tie to her captains in order to enhance their skills so that they can make it home safely. Her role as villain or ally of our Heroes lies solely in their actions as the years progress.

Johan 'Jon' Parish - Local inventor on the Island, Parish is the wealthy friend of our Heroes. He trusts them, and has employed them in the past to perform tasks that he is unable to go on himself. He has some magical ability but does not readily display those skills. Jon opens this story by throwing a Masquerade Ball and inviting our Heroes.

Marissa Cand - First Mate on board the Debtless. Marissa has been sailing since she was a young girl. Her father trained her during her early years, and she was able to rig a ship when she was 7. She has some skill in tailoring and sail repair, and keeps a spark of magic up her sleeves to keep people in line. She has served as Second in Command under Gavin, but is not the biggest fan of laying down punishments as Quartermaster (a title she would give up if presented with the opportunity). She is very loyal to Gavin and has been sailing alongside him long before he ever earned his Captain's Blade.

Important Objects

The Silver Bird - Designed by Captain Gavin Endili and constructed in the Corvosa Shipyard, the Silver Bird is the latest ship to serve as the crew's home at sea. The vessel a blend is of Agjn'mal and Tyran design in appearance, with some Jospei flare.

The Barracuda - The group's second vessel, the Barracuda was purchased as a replacement for The Debtless and proved to be a safe but small sailing ship for the party's operations. After construction on the Silver Bird was complete, the Barracuda was turned over to Marissa Cand.

The Debtless - The group's first ship, owned and operated by Captain Gavin Endili. The Debtless was put to rest outside of Darigard after taking damage.

The Adventures Logs

The Captain's Log: Early Tales

The Captain's Log: 1009 LD

The Captain's Log: 1010 LD

Latest: The Rescuers

Additional Content

Known Trade Routes

Ship Travel Costs and Needs


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