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God ofHate, Chaos, Blood, War
TitlesDemon King, Heedless Flame, Kothr'tu (Old Elvish), Rygoghky the Demon
AlignmentChaotic Evil
SymbolA burning axe, or wolfs skull with horns pounded into it.
ColorsRed and Black twisting together without form.
Home PlaneThe Abyss. Balphurus is capable of entering Mysorra but does so rarely.
WorshipersFighter, Dark Ranger, Rogue, Fallen Paladin
Cleric AlignmentsAny Evil
DomainsEvil, War, Destruction, Chaos, Fire, Deception, Rage, Porents
Favorite WeaponThe Destroyer’s Twisted Judgment (Great Axe)

Krosban Description

The most terrible and terrifying image you can conjure up does not even touch the true terror that Balphurus instills. Simply speaking the dread gods name is enough to send chills of the spine of damn near anyone, myself included. All the atrocities of the world, despicable acts and inhuman workings are the only realm that this monster dabbles in. The demon would love nothing else than to see all the careful workings of the gods drown in the unquenchable seething flames of the Abyss.


Evil. One word defines the dark god Balphurus so well and yet does not seem to even break through the tip of this mountain of cruel intentions and backstabbing lies. Returning the world to his abyss could very well be the Demon Kings only goal, but closer inspection reveals on that he will try to spread as much horror as possible before finally doing away with it all.

Balphurus is the reason that people fear the fires that rage uncontrollably. He is the terrible thunderstorms and hurricanes, the disasters that befall good and bad alike. In-sighting chaos as his title implies, the god seeks new ways to torment all. He spreads hate and dissension amongst the population, inspires war, rape, and pillaging. There is nothing that this terrifying force refuses to dabble in.

Despite the other gods trying to curb the Demon god’s voracious appetite for terror, his reign of evil continues. There are those out there who fear that his very presence tips the Scales of Balance to a far extreme and there is nothing that can be done to stem the growing weight of evil.


For the masochistic followers of the god of Hate and Chaos, nothing is more important than drawing the world closer to the brink of destruction. Most of the god’s followers operate in small cells, rising up swiftly to leave great swaths of destruction behind them as they go. One of the most recent instances of these cultist cells occurred in the Naltronian city of Stengard (The Citadel of Being). Cultists inspired riots within the city walls, killing hundred before they vanished just as quickly as they had come. Other more organized cultist cells like Saba Enas (under the guiding hand of Bazrek, demon lieutenant to Balphurus) and the Drakom Cult (seekers of the Armor of Naritol) set out to complete greater tasks that their god wishes to see fulfilled.


Balphusus appears before people as a blazing specter, his wings made from the dripping lava of the Abyss. The Demon Kings head is the skull of a wolf; great twisting horns protrude from the monsters head, curling like great spears behind his head. His eyes are black and hollow, exuding hate with the force of a battering ram upon the victim he gazes on. His voice rasps and shrieks with every twist of the maddening flows of the depths of the Abyss. He is truly a terror to behold.

Burial Rites

Bodies are best left to rot, sewing the seeds for future horrors.


Balphurus is the son of Telraedye, and brother to the flame of inspiration Demüen. Balphurus was born as the god of Shadows reached in and withdrew Abyssal material to form Saratta. It is believed that his desire is to return the world back into the Abyss.