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God ofMagic
TitlesSolus, Kriesus
SymbolA crescent moon of red or white color.
ColorsRed, White
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersAny Race, All Magical Classes
Cleric AlignmentsAny
DomainsKnowledge, Magic, Dimensions, Stars, Mind, Dragons, Moon, Stars
Favorite WeaponCrescent Moon Mage Glaive

Krosban Description

Magic. It such an integral part of our world and more often than not taken for granted. Wizards and Priests have pointed to it as the source of life. Others view it yet as something terrible to behold, taboo in some societies even today. However one chooses to view the power, it is always attributed to the god of Magic himself, Oontarm. In all of my travels I have heard a great deal about the god of Magic. He is mentioned in every variation of Saratta’s creation stories. His eyes are the moons, Solus the Red and Kreisus the White. His voice crackles on in the roar of magical power, and his might the tingling in our veins. Powerful is the god of Magic, and all the world knows of his presence.


The god of Magic is ever present in Saratta, even more than any other god in the Pantheon. Like Ambries, Oontarm maintains neutrality. The peoples of the world are allowed to choose how to use his gift, the single most changing aspect provided to the world after life.

Oontarm is the father of Magic, the most well known god in the entire Pantheon. Wizards and Sorcerers alike give a nod toward the god whether they worship him or not. The simple existence of the power ensures the gods presence within the Pantheon. Oontarm monitors the progression of powers within the world, and acts to prevent that magical power from destroying it.

Oontarm is a quizzical and patient god. When he encounters mortals many of his answers are cryptic and rarely straight forward. He likes to force thought upon the masses, so those who go to him seeking answers usually return with more questions. Despite the god’s tendencies for confusion, he is a font of knowledge that never lets you leave without some kind of answer. He is one of the most underutilized of the gods, though his temples are places of knowledge; usually schools for magic and education.


The followers of Oontarm are the magically latent. Wizards, sorcerers and sometimes clerics seek guidance from the god of magic, particularly when researching how specific types of magic interact with the world. They are dedicated to the spread of magic and education, forming schools to train the masses. These schools are places of higher education, and often have great costs associated to them.

There is no true church or temple of worship for the god, only his people. Whether they champion under his name or simply use the power, they are spreading his message. Magic was given to be an aid. It will always remain unpredictable, used for good or evil. How and where the power goes from there is up to the wielder.


The god of Magic is depicted in the artwork of the visionary Lukera Mhint. She is one of the few who has been granted a face-to-face vision with the god of Magic. He appears as a clean-shaven Human of indeterminate age though clearly still young. His hair flows shoulder length in waves of shimmering white silver, though not caused by age; blond. The most striking feature of the god are his eyes though, one red and one white. They are the moons; Solus and Kriesus, watching the world pass by from afar. Solus the Red moon represents the power of magic, raw and destructive. Kriesus the White moon represents the powers purity and impartiality. He is cloaked in the veil of stars and galaxies, space and its mysteries.

Burial Rites

Oontarm does not govern death. All burials in his name follow the format of any other god.


Oontarm is the fourth of the gods to appear in the pantheon. Ambries removed a piece of her own heart in order to create the perfect partner. The piece of heart burned as a star and began to draw in the power of the ethos. As the light began to dim, a youthful god stood in the space, the void draped about him much like a cloak. He was smitten to Ambries and the two were bound to each other. Their children are Kantoram and Sploron.