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God ofLife and Death
TitlesThe White Lady, Lifegiver, The goddess, Preserver, Llessa, Eternal Guide, White Lily, Golden Queen, The Light
AlignmentLawful Good
SymbolWhite Dove
ColorsWhite, Gray
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersAll races, Clerics, Priests, Paladins, Druids
Cleric AlignmentsLG, CG, NG, LN, N
DomainsGood, Healing, Protection, Family, Devotion, Light, Peace, Sun
Favorite WeaponMace of the Divine

Krosban Description

Estridae is a healer to us, the life giver and Shepard to the world beyond. Mother and truth to all the world. Garbed in a white gown, she is the essence of beauty. Her presence comforts those who are seeking calm, who are running from fear, and those in need. All who rally under the light are blessed by her presence. I have not met her, but one day I know that I shall.


The life giver of Saratta, and the one who will Shepard the World’s souls into eternity, Estridae is the deity of those who strive to lead their lives as good as possible. She is said to protect the weak from the strong. Many of the worlds Paladins and Clerics serve the goddess, dedicating their lives to her ideals in an effort to convert evil to good. They are ever willing to lay down their lives for the people who need their help.

Estridae represents life in Saratta, from the young to the old. She welcomes each new life, and will ultimately usher them onward to the end. She is affectionately considered a god of Death, as she is the first god people encounter on their venture into the beyond. Additionally, Estridae is praised when a woman becomes pregnant, as that is but one of her gifts.

The goddess is not one to be celibate though. As she is the one who brings life, she has ushered in several of the gods in the Pantheon into life. Worship of life and healing is the most important of her tenants.


Followers of Estridae range far and wide in the world. Most are Clerics, spreading the gift of life, and healing across nations and lands that truly need it. During the spring season, prior to the winter melt; Clerics and Paladins are encouraged to partake in the Rite of Dawn. This ritual is sexual in nature, as it represents the life-giving power of their deity to the full extent. Those who engage in the Rite are often ridiculed by their opponents who view it is as an orgy for the hedonistic. The followers are usually appalled by this assessment, and try to convey the true gift behind the nature of the rite.

The Paladin of Estridae is a more interesting soul. These are the knights in shining armor, come to root out evil and cast it back into the darkness. Paladins of Estridae seek to guide souls back to the goddess, regardless of what they have done in their lives. Evil can be swayed back to good, even though it may take time. The paladin acts as the judge and jury in most situations when their aid is called upon. If they see injustice, they seek to remove it without causing greater harm. Killing another is used as a last resort, only if an individual refuses to change their ways.


Estridae appears to those who worship her and those who don’t, coming to them as a human woman with flowing golden hair. Her eyes shine blue like the brightest and clearest of afternoon skies, and she smells of lilies. Clothed in a white, sleeveless gown and low V cut, the White goddess commands a powerful if not desirous presence, bringing even the cruelest to their knees in tears. While the goddess can turn her awe upon people to make them quail it is rare for her to do so. As souls approach her she acts as their solace, guiding the on to the next life.

Burial Rites

Rest in the depths of the earth, let the cradle of life keep you. Priests of the goddess of life preach preservation of the body. Desecration can anger the soul, so not tampering with a body is the best method to ease a passing. Most follow a rigorous ritual requiring a minimum of 10 minutes to ensure that the soul knows what path to follow. The prayer ritual serves as a guide to ward off the temptations of evil as the spirit transitions onward.


Estridae is the second god to step out of the veil, glowing with purpose and simultaneously creating Telraedye in the shadow cast by Ambries. She is one of the Primary gods.

Estridae was once the lover of the nature god Kantoram, bearing three children with him; Moratem - god of Nature, Ivandris – god of Growth, and Zamikye – god of the Seas. In a twist of fate that proved devastating for Kantoram, Estridae fell in love with the nature gods brother, Sploron – god of Travel. Estridae bore two children with Sploron; a son, Surdem – god of Death, and a daughter, Marisse, god of Cunning. She remains with Sploron to this day.