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God ofCunning
TitlesThe Trickster, Io Pintana, Sly One, Lady Luck
SymbolAce of Spades
ColorsGreen, Gold, Silver, Yellow
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersHuman, Orc, Goblin, Rogues, Rangers
Cleric AlignmentsAny Neutral
DomainsLuck, Trickery, Stars, Insanity, Clarity, Freedom
Favorite WeaponLucky Bladed Throwing Cards

Krosban Description

“I’ll put my gold on Her” I’ve heard many a rogue and gambler say. Whether they win or whether they lose, their faith holds strong with Marisse. I am sure that in the beyond, that place of the gods they call Myssora, she watches and laughs at every joke and guides every steady sleight of hand. Cheating, befuddlement, charm, winning and losing; nothing tends to go too far outside of the realm of this wily goddess. Said to be the mother of night, she appears a raven-haired elf maiden and a smile that would make a fox shy. Without a doubt this Lady of Luck can easily sway the odds for or against you.


Marisse is the Trickster, a cheat and swindler, matron mother of thieves, rogues, and gamblers alike. Lady Luck they call her, and seek her service and blessing wherever they step. The goddess is a source of charm, deception, and as her title implies, cunning. Never a chooser for just one side, the goddess often swaps allegiances on a whim, making her one of the most difficult of gods to keep track of. For those who say life is not fair, they’re talking about Her.

Marisse is most pleased by those who seek to make their own luck. When mortals take matters into their own hands, she will often see to their well being, for better or for worse. Some claim that in prayer with the goddess, deals can be made to fix the tables. There are even rumors that the goddess can whisk her followers away for the cost of wealth, or even all of their luck.


The goddess’s followers do not come from any single race. They come from all professions and walks of life. Humans are considered to be among her largest group of followers. Their willingness to take great risks binds them close to the goddess. Any who take on great projects give their praises and hopes to her. The architect does well to ask her blessing when constructing a temple, just as the warrior asks for an extra edge on the battlefield. All who praise her know that luck swings both ways and that the price of luck always varies. The peasant who sacrifices his only goat may receive a greater blessing that the noble who pays a massive tribute to her temple.

Rogues and thieves are the most ready to pay out for the services of the fickle goddess. They are the most willing to attempt to make their own luck, and she favors them greatly for it. The thief who goes in prepared for anything and with tools to make a creative escape will be bless, but only if there is a tribute to Marisse afterward. Many rogues attest that the tribute payed is rarely gold, and often favors. They are usually more than willing to follow through on these favors, and are smitten to her the whole time.


Marisse appears in the form of an elven woman, usually clad in bright colored silk garments, extenuating every curve on her body. The clothing she wears always favors and adds to her appeal. Her hair can vary in both color and style making it difficult to identify the goddess when she appears. Fortunately for those who ‘chance’ across her, demeanor stays quite constant. Playful and childlike, Marisse is always willing to listen to those who call on her. She can quickly become serious wherever her followers are concerned, but whether she grants aid to them or not is often a different story. For those down on their luck though, she proves to be the perfect pick me up.

Burial Rites

Followers of Marisse have no set rites for which to follow.


Marisse is the daughter of Estridae in her union with the god of crafting, Sploron. She is one of the few gods without a mate though she is known to choose from the mortal population from time to time.