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Each of the days of the week are names after dragons that have lived or are currently living on Saratta. The dragons titles are listed as they were given by humans during their lifespan, and are followed by the title bestowed upon them by the Oontarm.

Imras – Named for Immorashi, Red Queen of the Isles (the Rising Sun)

Ouras – Named for O'Kal, Wyrm of the Midyear. (the Spirit of Good Omens)

Gevras – Named for Jevronus Black Heart, Scourge of Ephyrne (the Lazy Dreamer)

Luce – Named for Lucetefacious, the Betrayer (the Guardian of Peoples)

Maxas – Named for Maxrettousk, the Reviled (the Surging Wake)

Veras – Named for Vorsek, the Worldslayer (the Preparer)

Zule – Named for Zule, Wyrm of the North (the Beginning and End)

Additional Details:

Saratta is roughly the same size as the planet Earth.

It has a 13 month cycle around its sun.

Each month is composed of 30 days, broken into 7 day weeks.

Each day has a 24 hour cycle.

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