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God ofGrowth
TitlesVerdant Lord, Ulliji the Stag, Plant King, La-Hauki the Great River Moose
AlignmentNeutral Good
SymbolThe carved head of an elk, three leaves entwined about its neck.
ColorsGreen, Blue, Turquoise, Emerald
Home PlaneMyssora, the realm of the gods
WorshipersElf, Human, Ephryn, Orc, Rangers, and Druids
Cleric AlignmentsAny Good, N
DomainsEarth, Plants, Animals, Spring, Growth, Fertility, Underground
Favorite WeaponStag’s Horns

Krosban Description

A mighty stag rose up once in the forest, bearing on his back lichen and moss. From his horns hung and assortment of vines and verdant life the likes of which I had never seen, nor do I believe I ever shall again in this lifetime. As it shook its head a flock of birds flew up from within the mossy hairs that ran down its mane. The awesome presence I felt in that moment held me stunned and awed. I was afraid to blink, for I knew if I did the stag would vanish. The mighty animal turned to look at me. In its eyes I saw the universe stretching so far into time that there was no end. Stars burst to life and vanished, twinkling in my mind and on into eternity. When I awoke I found that I lay in fresh spring flowers despite it being fall.


Plant life sprouts up even in the most desolate of places. Life presses through the tight cobbles of city stone, crumbles building, and flows beauty into the lives of those who bear witness to it. Fields, thickets, and forests right up to the deepest of jungles dwell within him domain. Ivandris’s power extends to the animal kingdom as well, filling the gap left after Pasquirn forced Sendall out of the primary Pantheon. His songs are sung by whistling birds and lions and majestic stags bow as he passes. He guides the animal kingdom as well as the plant life, but ultimately growth and life are his to govern. Ivandris is a patient god and knows that time will make all the difference in the world. He is the guardian of growth in the world and guides life along its course in life. Birth to Death, he guides everything in between.


Followers of the god take up his slow and steady philosophy, carefully tending to the life that grows, bringing out the fullest burgeoning potential. Many of those who choose to follow in the great Stag's footsteps are druids and rangers. They seek a greater union with the natural living world. They try to ensure that their actions help them to better co-exist with that life, and also try to teach and inform others of the best practices. They are often labeled as activists and are treated with scorn by others who do not understand their point of view.

Both druids and rangers strive toward co-existence, but know that there is a natural cycle of life, and that it must be followed. To wantonly take life is wasteful, as is forcible domestication of creatures. Imprisonment of magical creatures is even more detestable. Both groups choose to nurture life by choice of the create rather than imposing their will. They differ when it comes to how the co-existence should work.

Druids feel that other life must conform to the natural order. They do not tolerate the 'civilized' races forcing their way into lands where they do not belong. They will physically fight back against those who try to impose their will on nature, but typically only after they have made warnings to those instigating the issues. A ranger on the other hand chooses to teach and guide others into changing the manner through which they interact with the natural order. Rangers will also fight back when their teaching is ignored. Unlike druids, the ranger will also guide nature to their needs, rather than the natural order.


Ivandris takes the form of a mighty elk, his mahogany brown antlers stretch far and wide. Plants grow up out of his hide, as though the great beast had slept for far too long in an area and when he got up, took the lands with him. With each step the god takes new life springs forth in cascades and small fonts of water burst up from the ground. In his presence many claim to smell fresh spring air, sweet spring scents and the promise new life.

Burial Rites

May the earths embrace shelter and keep you. Most followers of the god of Growth bury their dead to ensure that the fallen can provide resources back unto the earth. It has been recorded that the most devout and true believers of the god are quickly drawn down into the ground, regardless of the terrain type, as though nature itself accepts the sacrifices that had been made in life.


Ivandris is the son of Kantoram and Estridae. At his birth, the young god was given dominion over the element of earth. He would later pick up the governance of animals after Pasquirn cast her son out of the Pantheon.