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The months are named to represent the season in which they occur.

Dawntide – Winter/Spring: Birth of the New Year. The sun begins to rise sooner again.

Springtide – Spring: The thaw begins, and first plants begin to grow.

Greentide – Spring: The 1st planting season.

Whiteflower – Spring: Spring flowers undergo full bloom for much of the month.

Brightreach – Summer: 2nd planting season.

Sunreign – Summer: Mid-summer. Plenty of sun. Irrigate plants.

Glasswater – Summer: 3 planting season. Bad sailing season.

Gray Cloud – Summer/Fall: Harder rain season begins to usher in the Fall season.

Red Breeze – Fall: Leaves begin the fall, wrapping up the planting season. 4th planting for winter crop.

Chill Grasp – Fall: Cold winds prevail. Great hunting season.

Whitefall – Fall/Winter: Winter sets in for northern regions, much colder.

Nightset – Winter: The sun sets sooner each day.

Red Hearth – Winter: The darkest part of the year. Warm homes to welcome the next dawn.

Additional Details:

Saratta is roughly the same size as the planet Earth.

It has a 13 month cycle around its sun.

Each month is composed of 30 days, broken into 7 day weeks.

Each day has a 24 hour cycle.

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