Drakom Cult

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Designation: Cult, Demonic

Founder: Tsaru Crookclaw

Location: Unknown. Last witnessed operating in Arambashia prior to the Allegiance Wars.

Mission: To restore the glory of Balphurus by restoring the scattered pieces of the Armor of Naritol.

Status: Inactive


Drakom Cult was formed by Tsaru Crookclaw roughly one decade after the fall of Naritol at the Battle of Norfield (now known as the Hand of Death). Crookclaw was a former follower of the black knight who was said to have had a vision granted by Balphurus. In the vision, he was tasked with gathering the knights armor which had been scattered at the battle’s conclusion. Doing this would free the Zekudai contained within it and usher the Black Dawn, bringing an end to all things.

Crookclaw hand picked a group of loyal zealots to infiltrate high ranking positions across the Naltronian empire. They were tasked with destabilizing small regions and subverting the nobility where upon they would consolidate power and assume control over the local government. With their new positions, they would seek out the missing pieces of the armor and work toward their acquisition. The Drakom Cult was so successful in this endeavor that they succeeded in splitting Arambashia from Naltronia through sewn conflict.

Over the years, they have slowly changed their methods. Masters of subterfuge and coercion, it is rare that they would take up arms or engage in efforts that might reveal their presence. Old cult records indicate that they used to perform rituals to summon demons, forcing possession to exact their will. This was abandoned when they found greater success in manipulating wealth and using it to grease palms and open locked doors. Paired with blessings granted to them by sacrifices to their demon lords, the cult has maintained prestigious positions within governments from the Empire to the Eastern Kingdoms for almost 1000 years.

During times of turmoil the cult enters a state of inactivity. Their agents inevitably re-emerge as the ashes settle to acquire cheap relics from those in need of immediate liquid funds. Their efforts have been successful, netting them the artifacts of various gods, to pieces of the Armor they seek. To date (1010LD) they have collected several pieces of the Armor. The Breastplate was acquired most recently from the Council of Magi. Both grieves were purchased, one from Gnimish whalers, and another from a small Aramish merchant ship. The gauntlet was collected by a member of their Naltronian sect who was vacationing on Halim'Ra.