Foriedy: Crickets Fighting Ring

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The Crickets ring is located inside the Underbridge establishment at the base of the Veil Falls on the Spire River. A hidden passage in the winery leads to a fair sized hall that was clearly once a waiting room carved out by dwarves long ago.

The site is a favored location for illegal fights, as well as under the table dealings. Foriedy's authorities despise the site and have tried for years to condemn it, spreading propaganda saying it is unstable, and a threat to people. The real reason lies in multiple secret passages which lead into elaborate hallways that quickly confuse those who are unfamiliar with the place. According to long standing members of the fighting ring, some of the passages even connect into The Pit. They are more than happy to provide this in both intrigue and threat.

Crickets was once the headquarters of the now defunct House Zetch. When Zetch fell out of favor, they sabotaged some of the passages which remain closed to this day. Few have braved trying to open them or squeeze through, as they are the subject of sinister rumors. It is said that these passages lead to the main halls of The House of Knives. This has never been confirmed, but it is enough to keep prying eyes away.