Foriedy: House Morgan

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White Spire Consulate Seat: Warren "the Eyeless"

Founder: Arthur and Illyana Morgan

Founding Date: 960 LD.

Location: Foriedy, Ordinth Caphil.

Mission/Motto: Best clothing, best materials, best price. Always for the people.

Overview House Morgan controls the bulk of the clothing and leather trade on Foriedy. They set the standard for fashion on the Island and have multiple business fronts dedicated to the sale of cloths and cloth in general. Many of their pieces are tailored on the Island, taking inspiration from it’s rich variety of cultures. Other pieces are brought to the Isles from elsewhere, ranging as far as Arambashia and even Tyr.

Most businesses that dabble in cloth trade have sworn allegiance to the House and pay them a portion of their yearly profits. In return they gain access to and discounts for cloth of greater valuable and higher quality. They own several fronts in the Docks District dedicated to sailmaking and regularly cut deals with Captain’s who are willing to supply them. The house fervently sticks to the idea that quality service to customers will keep them coming back. It has proven to be a good policy.

Networking and providing discounts to Captains who deal with and supply them is strategic, limiting others from breaking into the market that they have tried hard to secure. Rather than rely solely on third parties to get them goods, House Morgan continues to grow a fleet of ships, sailing to far away ports and trading with the many people of the Isles.

House Morgan is dedicated to assisting people and contribute greatly to the temple districts providing food and money that is then distributed out to those in need. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and has earned the trade house a good reputation within the lower class population.