Foriedy: House Sol

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White Spire Consulate Seat: Pavell "The Many Blade" Sol

Founder: Antonias Sol

Founding Date: 891 LD.

Location: Foriedy, Ordinth Caphil.

Mission/Motto: Sword, House, and Family.

Overview The Sol family has taken responsibility for training the Watch and engages in tasks that the Consulate deems too risky for the common folk. They readily trade for information, seeking leads to the next adventure that will keep their coffers full. In addition, they built and maintain several schools that may have an odd job or two for the budding adventurer. Smithys and metallurgists frequently find employment with the trade house and several shops in the Spire District are dedicated to the trade of the magical wares that they have found over the years.

House Sol has made efforts to market Foriedy as a place of adventure, sailing to ports around the world to tell of their exploits and what the Island can offer. The results speak for themselves, bringing in treasure hunters, glory seekers, and moneyed nobles lacking an inheritance. Year after year they come to the Island and House Sol accommodates them, initiating each one into their schools called Heroes Halls in order to train them and hone their skills, growing new Heroes to fill the ranks.

Pupils of the Halls engage in various tasks of ranging difficulty, serving as sell swords in the name of House Sol during their early years of study, earning their keep and proving their worth. As they progress some find standing and rank within the Halls, becoming trainers themselves or moving on to serve with the Watch. Others go on to become adventuring partners with the Sols, but the glory of their deeds are always given back to the family to whom they owe their education. It doesn't sit well with everyone who passes through the Halls, but most are proud to serve under a family that treats them well.

The House has worked hard to produce some of the best warriors to wear Watch colors. Their adventuring and mercenary work brings large contributions each year to the Vault and is used to equip the Guard. They have proven themselves invaluable to the Island and will likely serve on the Consulate for many years to come.