Human, Ghel

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A Tribal people, a lost remnant of the runic tribes who no longer practice magic




The plains of Ephyrne.



Notable Humans

Racial Traits

+2 to One Ability Score: Human characters gain a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

- Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

- Fast: Ghel have base speed of 40 feet.

- Quick Reactions: Ghel receive Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.

- Stalker: Perception and Stealth are always class skills.

- Sneaky Rider: Ghel horsemanship is unrivaled. They are experts at striking fast and silently. Ghel gain a +4 racial bonus on Ride and Stealth checks.

Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).