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Naltronians are a proud and patriotic people. They put the good of their nation foremost in their lives and have been known to go above and beyond when the balance of their way of life is threatened. Naltronian's maintain a vision of equality between men and women and have made strides toward bringing a feeling of equality to those less fortunate than themselves. Pushing toward equality has not come without its own price.

Naltronia was founded by the Paladin Isidril at the beginning of the Lunidor period and has since been governed by an Emperor. For generations the Emperor has been responsible for overseeing the well being of his people, and for the most part has been successful. Emperor's are not chosen by bloodline, but are ordained in communion with an Eye of Litamoria; a member of the female psychic elite assigned to protect the Emperor. Exchange of title occurs when all of the Eyes have made a decision regarding the replacement and the current Emperor steps down. These exchanges have not come without bloodshed at times and have been historically difficult for the country but it is a tradition of equality that Naltronians believe in.

Those with psychic gifts are raised to become Emperial Templar, responsible for keeping the peace and acting as judges. They are often used as though police, enforcing based on what an individual thinks. Such extreme measures have kept crime in Naltronian cities at great lows but have forced some people to live in the shadows outside of military protection, leaving them open to the harsh realities of the country's wilderness.

Culture and Relations

Naltronian's are an extremely patriotic people and obedient to the Emperor. They are active supporters of their military and are required to serve in the military by the time they are 22. Service lasts 3 years and is necessary for defending the widespread country again threats, the greatest of which is right inside their borders – the gnolls of Ragnaw. Many Naltronian's continue to serve in the military well after the mandatory 3 years thanks to the generous payments they receive if they become Officers.

Regarding Men and Women in Naltronia

Women are held in high regard and are granted the most rights out of the human nations. Their high status is well deserved too, as women are the only ones who possess psionic or psychic powers; with the exception of rare males but they are rarely able to maintain stable power levels and are always more a danger to themselves and others due to erratic shifts in their ability to control the energy. Scholars believe this is due in part to the female minds ability to multitask and remain focused as opposed to male aggression and impulsiveness. An all female squad of psions is also responsible for guarding the Emperor.

Men and women are treated equally in Naltronia. When hardships strike they are a people who are ready to stand up and come to the defense of one another, even if that means crossing the bulk of the continent to provide aid. The Emperor is viewed as the guiding force behind the countries success and his word is law. Blasphemy against the Emperor is grounds for angering well to do Naltronians. For those who insist on lawbreaking and conspiring against the Emperor, there are the psions (many other cultures call them the Though Police, along with many Naltronians who side on the other end of the law).

Regarding Pychics in Naltronia

Psychics are met with some level of mixed feelings in Naltronia. The women who are born and serve the empire with their gifts are placed in the highest regard, treated on a level often above men of equal station. They represent the best and brightest young women that the nation has to offer and can be found in positions of power throughout the Empire. People look to them to provide security within the city walls, foresee possible threats before they happen, and ensure that justice prevails when there are those who would try to keep secrets. The burden carried by physics is great but they are usually within the good graces of Naltronian citizenry.

Events throughout Naltronia's history have shed light on the dark side of psychic power too, particularly in regard to men. Occasionally a male is born with psychic powers and great care must be taken to ensure their power does not get out of hand. In males the psychic power is flawed and greatly unstable. In cases where small amounts of power will do, male psions have been known to channel too much energy resulting in the deaths of many; the Tragedy of Hienhold, Dolanol in 815 LD when 46 died due to unchecked psychic power, and again in Stengard during the Necromancy Conflict of 956 when an uprising saw 19 perish.

Despite their fears of power though, most of Naltronia is in agreement that the presence of women and men in Templar uniform makes Naltronia one of the safest nations in Saratta. Their willingness to stand up for their women despite past hardships is a testament to the enduring faith instilled by their protection.

Regarding Magic in Naltronia

Within the nation's borders magic is generally accepted though not widely practiced. Naltronia's interests to often be in conflict with the Council of Magi over how magic should be governed within its borders. The Council likes to see wizards brought up and trained with a Mages Tower under their governance but for ages Naltronia has taken it upon themselves to raise wizards as they see fit without Council interaction. The lack of an official Council tower in the country has only added fuel to the fire thanks to the presence of such a tower in neighboring Arambashia.

Those with magical gifts are most often trained as Battlecasters through the military. Others with a talent for magic can find training through many of the other organizations that have cropped up or found a place of refuge in Naltronia. These include the Crimson Robes, The Chosen of Soldaeus, Keepers of Mistandir, and the Necros Fat Ohm. Many of theses guilds exist in direct opposition to the desires of the Council who would rather see them broken apart and reintegrated into the greater collective community.

Naltronia has taken great strides to ensure the protection of splinter guilds to ensure that it has access to some of the most potent and creative magical ideas. Some believe that this is to continue to build the Naltronian war machine, but others disagree. Without Council presence in a nation, greater education is nearly unavailable. Keeping magical communities protected ensures access to such learning for all individuals of the nation of which the Empire has proudly maintained as a priority to its citizenry.

Nobility and Class

Nobility exists in Naltronian to serve the people. Their wealth has been gained off of the people they have responsibility over. Nobles guide city-states and towns, reporting progress and problems to the Emperor. In return for their service, the Emperor allows their estates to go tax free. The blessing can be a double edged sword though, for a Noble who ignore this duty can quickly find themselves on the wrong side of Naltronia's vast military forces and quickly deposed. The Emperor routinely has Templar stop at towns to remind people of their place and protector. Nobles who object to these measures are welcomed to flee to Arambashia but often at the cost of title and wealth, so the opposition typically remains silent.

Notable Naltronians

Mae Silindril The Archivist, Eye of Litamoria

Racial Traits

+2 to One Ability Score: Human characters gain a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

- Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

- Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.

- Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st levels.

- Greater Defensive Training: All Naltronians are required to serve in the military and receive rigorous training designed to ready them for the battlefield. Naltronians gain a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class.

- Acknowledge the Divine: Naltronian Humans are regular worshipers of the gods and are greatly encouraged to place their faith in the divine. Knowledge (Religion) is always considered a class skill.

- Tactical Knowledge: All Naltronians have some degree of military tactical training for setting up a battlefield. Naltronians gain Knowledge (Geography) as a class skill.

Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

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