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Kitsune are humanoid foxes. They are shape changers and are capable of taking vulpine shape, human form, and their humanoid fox form. In this final form, they are able to unveil each of their tails. Kitsune tails reveal how powerful the kitsune may be. Kitsune are mischievous, but can be very loyal companions. Kitsune can be born or spontaneously come into being. Interaction with other races is limited and sometimes violent. As a Kitsune grows in power, they fall victim to the Kitsune's Curse.

Other humanoid races view Kitsune as evil creatures, and they are often mistaken for Othar, and treated as such.

Due to their magical nature, they are classified as Fae and are most at home in the Faerie realms, particularly Resonn and Kaltreed.

No records exist from the first Kitsune, nor are there many stories about their history. It is speculated by those who study magical beasts that the first Kitsune were created by the god Sendall, or may have spontaneously been formed by the chaos god Kantoram.

Notable Kitsune

Lea de Soleil - The trickster of the Isles. Lea is regarded as a relations expert, and is quite skilled at getting her way. She is a valued member of the crew of The Barracuda.

Basrek - Demon lieutenant of the god Balphurus, Basrek hatched a plan to turn on his master and free Kantoram when the chaos god was being held in the Abyss. For his service, Basrek was freed of his demon form and became a Kitsune. He was last seen leaving Issalon and his whereabouts since then are unknown.