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Meta Data:
ClassZen Archer
AlignmentLawful Good
Player Ayestes
CampaignThe Captain's Log

Dressed in loose, simple, earthy colored clothes and carrying little more than a finely crafted bow and quiver full of arrows Tydel appears to be a hooded human of simple living at first glance. A closer eye however reveals a living dedicated to the martial art of the bow and arrow. In truth his skill with not only the bow, but the martial style of the crane are great beyond that of a human of his same stature. His half-elf bloodline gives his seemingly lithe form considerable strength and dexterity, and his dedication to the art has given him the skill to put that strength to great use. Is is difficult to recognize his elven heritage without having been around him for awhile as he hides most of it with his hood.

Those that know him past his imposing physical ability would most likely tell you that Tydel is honest to a fault and some might say he just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. In fact even in the face of intimidation or danger he finds it hard to hide the truth of a matter. He once told a group of annoying drunken pirates that they were nothing more than common criminals causing trouble and should leave immediately. While true in many respects the ensuing bar fight proved just how well his uncompromising truth tends to go over. Perhaps it is that he feels honor bound not to lie, or indeed he may simply not understand the merit of a lie.

Overly practical in many matters Tydel often ignores the emotional consequences of his action. Not out of cruelty, but out of simply not understanding the impact his words or actions may have. Silence can sometimes be for the best, especially when the truth seems obvious. In fact a drunken old man in a tavern once gave him some advice that he’s since taken to heart, "Sometimes the truth is best left unsaid, especially when blood or money is on the line." While often overtly truthful Tydel has realized since that he can sometimes just... shut up.

Taverns and sharing a drink with others has become a release for the often reserved and focused Tydel. He finds it considerably easier to have social exchanges with people once the ale has been flowing. Friends of Tydel often learn more in those few short hours of inebriation with the man than days worth of conversation might have uncovered. A few facts are still well hidden from even those closest to him. He speaks very little about his family other than their names and that they are upper class citizens of the family Illundi. He does speak very fondly of a sorceress by the name of Haleen who it seems he has spent much of his childhood with.

Almost ceremonial with morning ritual and training Tydel always starts the day off clean, fed, well prepared, and focused. Obedient to those in charge and the task at hand Tydel isn’t necessarily afraid of hard work and getting dirty. Stalwart dedication and to completion of his task is easily his most impressive and troublesome trait. Even in the face of great adversity he pushes forward and takes on the challenge head first. Sometimes his over eagerness can lead him into trouble and even injury. An unmade leap trying to cross a considerable gap in the crumbling dwarven ruins ended with his leg broken in two places and a short stay with the expedition’s physician. Our Physician saw to setting and binding the leg, but it took an order from the Captain to keep him from leaving and trying the gap again. Still he pressed forward with the group with the injury.