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Tim's Page

I started Saratta with the idea of creating a persistent world that could continue beyond just one game. Many of the games that I ran previously were End of the World scenarios that left the world behind afterward. With Saratta I wanted to change that. What I didn't realize was just how alive the world would actually become. There is a video game series that helps to explain my unique perspective for the world. The game, Myst by Robyn and Rand Miller, has a race of people known as the D'ni who are able to write books that link to other worlds. When they make a book, it connects to a place that did exist, currently exists, or will exist. When I started writing Saratta, I had found my linking book.

While it may not provide me with the ability to travel to this living, breathing place, continuing my writing gave me the chance to share it with everyone else. Let these pages draw you in to see the world that is. It is very much alive, and has changed in ways I never thought it would. The history is rich and continues to get deeper with each story I share with my gaming groups. I hope to have you playing one day.

Saratta is currently played using the Pathfinder system.

A HUGE Thank you goes out to everyone involved in helping with this project. My good friend Robert for securing a web site and getting Saratta off of paper and onto the web. To Tucker, Justin, David, Patrick, and Sam for sitting down with me one evening and making me run the game that started it all. Thanks to Fletcher, Holly, Dan, Brian, and John for playing and helping to flesh out the world with more stories. Thanks to my beautiful wife Breanna, who puts up with my constant ramblings and imaginings, as well as playing right along with the rest of us. And the list goes on. If I missed you, sorry, and give a shout out. It is phenomenal to finally get my work online in a format that many might be able to enjoy.  :)