Foriedy: Great House Xemnon

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White Spire Consulate Seat: Zephom Veil

Founder: Xagos Ulfur and Norman Yates

Founding Date: 769 LD.

Location: Foriedy, Ordinth Caphil.

Mission/Motto: Protect the interests and people of Foriedy.

Overview: House Xemnon represents the bulk of the Island’s security force, providing a formidable army of individuals recruited from all walks of life. The great house’s growth is attributed to their willingness to take anyone, and many of their recruits are trained while at sea providing cheap sailing labor for their extensive trade circle.

The Great House once held a place in the magical goods market until they sided with Great House Aldemon to oust the Scarlet Order. The results of the decision were ultimately heaped onto the other Great House as Xemnon had angled itself into being the sole guardian force for the Islands “nobles” and their rapid response after the announcement of the Red Ransom kept them in power while other houses fell.

There have been many accusations over the years that the Great House has long been involved in illegal activities across the island and holds close ties to the Bitterthroat Cutlass. Some even claim they have involvement with The Midnight Council, but again there is never enough evidence to back up these claims and often witnesses cease their accusations long before there is ever a trial within the Consulate.