Foriedy: Waterseek Pub

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The Waterseek Pub is a tavern on the island city of Foriedy. It is located in the wealthier upper district, on the southern end of the island, nestled between Telraed and Xemnon controlled regions. As such, it sees a high volume of traffic from entertainers, collectors, and city guard. This has made it a popular venue for artists looking to join with Telraed guilds, or even to safely conduct public transactions.

The Pub has also been place of R and R for heroes and adventurers. Johan Parish of House Telraed enjoyed recruiting talent at the pub for his various enterprises. This includes the crew of The Captain's Log, who continued to enjoy the pub's atmosphere whenever they were home.

Lea de Soleil once used the Pub for under the table dealings. Her reputation as a Fence and fiery lover still attracts the occasional patron today. She no longer haunts the Pub, but does show up for drinks from time to time.