Kieg-Lac, Outpost of the Tropik Crown

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These sections of Kieg-Lac have been opened and explored by the Joikun Expedition with the help of the crew of The Captain's Log when they sailed aboard the Debtless.

Rediscovery - 1006 LD

On the 21 of Sunreign, Morena Joikun approached Johan Parish at the Grimy Seahorse in the village of Nurik. In her hands was held a parcel tied in goat sinew containing a Deadman’s Map that she claimed contained the location of a sealed dwarven ruin. She claimed to have followed the map to its destination, where she found the great doors of the Keig hidden by refuse. In order to unbury the past she needed assistance. House Diemeda would have demanded all of the findings be turned over to them, but working with those inside House Telraed presented more rewarding opportunities. Parish chose to fund the expedition to Keig-Lac provided that he would keep 60% of the profits that came from selling their finding, and any technologies related to metal refinement. Morena agreed, and later that year the Joikun Expedition would set out to unlocking the secrets buried within.